Why lack of clean water in Kibra Slams


Reasons for lack of clean water is that there are broken water pipes around many places in Kibra hence wasting a lot of water to drain. Leaking pipes cause water contamination when it mixes with dirty water and sewage. These causes sickness like diarrhea, typhoid and amoeba among the children. It is not a shock to see residents from different parts of Kibera during this times of the year carring water jerricans of water in their heads and shoulders. They have to walk long distances to get water which makes them tired day by day. These brings to an halt many businesses and tasks.

The government should come up with initiatives which will ensure that there is enough water in the informal settlement no matter what the circumstances. They should ensure that they build tanks of clean water around every area in Kibra to cater for the more than a million people who dwell in the Informal settlements.